A hungry wolf stalked a flock of sheep but couldn’t grab one because a dutiful shepherd watched over them. Finding a discarded sheep skin, the wolf placed it over his own fur and slowly crept into the middle of the flock without the shepherd noticing.
Instead of pouncing on the nearest lamb and making his escape, the wolf decided to wait until night time when the flock was locked up and the shepherd was eating supper. Then I will have my pick of the flock, the wolf thought, enjoying a most delicious meal, and slip away unseen.

But that evening, the shepherd decided to have a big supper before going to bed. He went to the sheep pen in the dark, reach in and grabbed the big nearest sheep he put his hands on – which turned out to be the wolf and killed him. Perspective

A good plan executed today is better than a perfect one that’s too late. A better plan in life is to strike while the iron is hot, especially when you have clear definition your path to success. There have never being, and there would never be a perfect time to start out our goals and aspirations. The best is the enemy of the good, perhaps you have never been told that the most successful people around us today are the biggest risk takers.

There is always a time to wait but the truth is that too much analysis causes paralysis, this is because a good plan executed today is better than perfect plan to be carried out tomorrow. Let’s go back to those we call successful today. If most of the big brand owners of today share their cradle stories, you would be amaze on how humbly they started. One of the common denominator all successful people is that they take action. Start from the abandoned new year resolution, those dreams forgotten and prove to the world that you can, because you have only one life to live. For some of us what holds us back is what people would say, they may despise you today but when you get there everyone will call you a star. Go for your dreams today, by daring to take the right actions required to birth them. Lay your hands on something, perspiration will do for you in three years what you will not achieve through theories in seven years.

In which area of your life do you desire a positive change today? Your finance, education, take action today. Attend that training that would improve your skill, read more on job requirements, read more on your field of endeavour. Learn how to manage money, take action to spend less than you earn.  Is it in your health? One of the deadliest killer in 21st is Emotional induced stress. Learn how to manage stress, give yourself a break at the right time. Besides adequate rest, always eat the right food. The more organic and natural your food the better. Maybe you need to hit the gym, do it regularly if possible. Exercise is imperative to a sound health, take care of your body because that is the only place you will live as long as you have breath. Relationships are critical to success. Improve your relationship with yourself and others. The greatest step towards improving relationship is to change yourself first, don’t always believe that the other person is the problem.

The Nigeria economy is nose diving but you can still achieve your goals this year. Statistics have it that people’s brain work best in time of crisis. Step out and strike on your goals today, don’t be the wolf waiting for a perfect time. Do those things you know will improve your life, step into the ring of life and run with your dreams. Strike now while the iron is hot!

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