We have had a lot of customers and referrals ask us of our proposal for the best suit for an interview. Here at, our suggestions have always been the same. An interview is a business/serious meeting, hence should be handled as such.

A business Suit should be your choice of dress irrespective of the field or organization that invited you for the interview. Yes, a 3piece Suit, a conservative colored Blazer, or a double breasted Suit could be worn as an interview Suit, but only in organizations with non conservative dress culture. Even in such situations it becomes more difficult to select the right accessories to go with the Suit.


The three most important things to consider when making a choice of Suit for an interview

  1. Design of Suit


    Suit designs are very important when you are going for an interview. Like we have mentioned above, a business Suit is your best choice. The best design of a business Suit for an interview is a two buttons Suit (one button Suit could also be used but 2 buttons is better), medium sized lapel (not the large nor the narrow lapel) and notched lapel (that’s also referred as Vee lapel, not the peak or pointed lapel). A single breasted Suit design with a straight cut pant trouser. Read more on Suit Etiquette


  1. Suit color

    As important as the design of Suit for an interview is, understand that the right color of Suit will do the magic. Your choice of color in any dress says a lot about you. It’s a common mistake for people to dress in black Suit for an interview. It’s a no no for an interview. Black Suit says you are common.

    The best color of Suit for an interview is Navy Blue, another color to be considered is a Charcoal Grey color. If you are very dark in complexion consider a medium Grey color, the grey in between Charcoal and bright Grey color.

    Solid colors are safer, you could go wrong in striped Suits. If you must wear stripes, let it be a pin striped Suit.


  1. Suit accessories

    • a) Shirt

      The most important suit accessory is shirt. We recommend a plain white shirt, plain sky blue shirt, hidden white and blue striped shirt for a Navy Blue Suit. White shirt only, for the Charcoal grey Suit.

    • b) Ties

      Long tie is the preferred design over bow tie. The tie design must be regular and consistent in pattern. Design could be plain color (mostly with striped Suit or Shirt), tiny stripes, polka dots, and paisley.

      A mixture of Blue and white, Red and blue, Grey and white, Gold and blue etc. Other good designs and patterns.

    • c) Shoes

      Dark brown shoe is the best color of shoe to be worn, a lace up Shoe with the two colors of Suits recommended. Read more on Suit Etiquette.

An interview is a business meeting. Therefore, your first impression matters, make the best of it. When you walk into an interview room, you have made an impression of yourself even before you say a word. Your image/appearance speaks loud, and remember that over 85% your body is covered by your clothing.

A lot of folks have argued that appearance is only an outward impression, yes they are right. However, have you ever given it a thought about what happens when two people get the score or become of equal choice of the organization after an interview? Your guess is as good as mine. The organization will likely go for the guy with a better personality and appearance. Believe it or not, this is a social media age, an era huge attention is given to personality and image.

We recommend a Navy Blue (2piece) 2 buttons business Suit, with double vents at the back. Plain white Shirt, striped tie or polka dots long tie. And a dark brown shoe.

Remember the Suit fitting is very important.

Paul Ugwu