Why Suits.com.ng



At Suits.com.ng, you will get the item you ordered for or your money refunded, no story.

Call our customer care line on your decision for a refund, send order for return immediately to receive your refund.

  • Customers can request on their own decision to wait until the exact item paid for or ordered for is available.
  • There’s a window for exchange to another item on a request and approval by customer.
  • Suits.com.ng takes ownership and supervise 100% of items from our platform before shipment, we have had very little percentage of return and refund.
  • Your package will be delivered as ordered or 100% of money refunded.


We are of the notion that, if your product is as good as displayed, advertised and as promised, it should be delivered to the customer at cheaper delivery fee or at freemium.

Since inception online in September 2016, we have been on free delivery model. This is born out of believe in affordable service delivery and that our products are remarkable, and of great quality to meet customer’s need.

  • Delivery is free nationwide
  • Customers outside of Nigeria are to pay for their shipments, though at subsidized rate.
  • Return is free nationwide
  • We deliver within 24 hours in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja where we have Offline stores, except if an item is not available at the time of ordering.
  • Delivery to other part of the country takes 2 – 3 days only, can be made to arrive faster in emergency within 24 hours through flight cargo and other emergency routes.

We deliver to African countries, the United States and others within 3 – 5 working days through DHL.


We have invested huge funds into physical stores, where customers could walk in for a better observation and sensory experience to our product and services.

It costs a lot to maintain a walk in store, but satisfactory service and a closer proximity to our customers are of great value to us. Suits.com.ng Offline centers have become a hub for better understanding of our customers, a place to identify customer’s choice of material and design, also very important is his perfect size for emergency and subsequence deliveries, especially when they can’t afford to visit our physical stores. Presently, we have three Offline centers in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. See addresses here

The offline centers are located at the heart of the cities for easy accessibility, safety, and to stay closer to our esteemed customers. This means there’s a brick and mortar presence as a contact place to walk in if there’s any issue at all, especially this era of internet frauds.


We have built a corporate culture of integrity and respect for customer’s order. Here we believe that integrity is capital, and there’s no mantra more fulfilling than to do unto others what you would love them do to you. Hence our company’s drive for topnotch suits and accessories at reasonable prices, which is the need of our customers.

At Suits.com.ng, product quality is very important to us. There’s nothing exceptional in an elegantly designed suit or accessories made of an inferior material. To us here, a remarkable Suit is that suit of quality material, clean finishing, in a design desirable by the customer.

Frankly speaking, customer satisfaction is not always easy, but it pays, it has given us loads of repeat business, a good brand reputation, and referrals. Hence we are sticking to excellent products with satisfactory service delivery.