Good products they say, sells themselves, this recommendation of Suits.com.ng as my preferred shopping destination is born out of the heart of a satisfied customer. When it comes to where to buy quality suits and accessories for men in Nigeria

, it is better to opt for sellers that are offering both online and offline services. There is one amongst other outlets you can trust – suits.com.ng. My observations in recent time have shown that many online shoppers have gotten one reason or another to be careful with their choice of where to buy suit online because of their bad experience or that of their friends with some online suit malls in Nigeria who failed to meet their expectations. Worse is the case when it was the buyer’s first purchase from such store, and you know, first impression lasts.

There are few numbers of factors to be considered when choosing the right place to buy quality suits and accessories in Nigeria. Let’s assume you saw this platform for suit online, their suits look amazing from the displayed pictures. The first thing to consider is whether this online platform has a physical store where you can physically check out the quality, designs, and sewing of their suits, even request for a swap or refund if the delivery fails to meet up with your expectations. This will serve as a backup where customers can see for themselves if they choose to make their buying decisions right there online. While some suit companies have suit store in Lagos some others have their suit store in Abuja, and there are few places where you can buy quality suits in Port Harcourt as well. I recommend suits.com.ng not only because they have a safe and secure online platform that delivers within 2 to 3 working days on free delivery package nationwide, but also because they have a great return policy and  offline stores in major cities.

Unlike many fashion companies who are basically retail stores selling general Men’s wear and suits, suits.com.ng have streamlined their focus to only suits and suit accessories. Like I said, they have offline centers where you can buy quality suits in Lagos, Abuja and nationwide through their online platform. They are also planning to open an offline suit store in Port Harcourt soon.

Another factor to consider when choosing a reliable place to buy suit in Nigeria is the delivery system of such firm. This is very important as you would not like to experience delay or disappointment in delivery of your order, especially when it’s within a time frame. Imagine someone who expects his order delivered in three days period and already planned to use it the fourth day, now the store is just calling for delivery after a week. When it comes to time consciousness and efficient delivery services, suits.com.ng is the right place to buy quality suits and accessories in Nigeria, where you can order for suit with the confidence that your package will be delivered at the stipulated time to your doorstep. While they have the efficiency of logistic company like FEDEX, and the wide coverage of TRANEX, they also use reliable transport companies like GIG for emergency deliveries. While some online suit malls in Nigeria deliver after 5 days, suits.com.ng takes only 2 to 3 working days to deliver to the major cities. More interesting is that they have an express delivery system whereby the process is fast-tracked and buyers can get their packages just the following day of order. For example, someone who wants to get married in Enugu on Saturday and looking for a reliable place to buy wedding suit online, can still order on www.suits.com.ng even by evening on Thursday and have it by Friday through delivery by a transport company, preceding the wedding day. That is because the distance is even far from Lagos (where they have their head office) to Enugu, or from Abuja to Enugu. If the case is in the same state, let’s say someone in Lagos wants to buy suit online in Lagos. He could simply call to order and have his package delivered in few hours same day.  Need I say this again, their delivery is free nationwide. They have their offline center in Lagos at 78, Broad Street, Opposite CBN, by Tinubu Square (Water Fall), Lagos Island. When you visit and buy for the first time, you will enjoy special offers and freebies. If you’re also looking for where to buy quality suit in Abuja, search no more. Suits.com.ng have their offline center at Suite FF14, Olive Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Another factor is whether or not the retail store for suits and accessories has a flexible payment methods. Is it possible to pay (cash) on delivery, pay through bank transfers or with Point of Sale (POS) machine etc. Suits.com.ng makes buying easier for you because they understands that individual payment behavior differs and changes base on situations. So they provide payment options to enable buyers choose their preferred method.  Return policy is also a factor to consider when choosing your desired place to shop for quality suits, both online and offline. One should be free to return a package found to be unsatisfactory or doesn’t meet expectations. This is also not a problem at suits.com.ng, return is allowed, see their return policy https://suits.com.ng/return-policy

However, some buyers are more concerned about price. They just want to know where to buy cheap suits and accessories in Nigeria, but all these other factors are important as well. Affordability is important, more important is the quality. While a quality suit doesn’t necessarily have to be too expensive, also not all expensive suits are actually of good quality. So before you make your next order for business suit online, 3piece suit, tuxedo, blazer, wedding suits, suits for red-carpet, latest designs of suits, and suit accessories, be sure to consider these factors discussed above and choose suits.com.ng for premium shopping experience.


Written By Rasaq Odejayi.