One thing we did when we started out was to create a size guidelines to help customers understand
their perfect suit size by reading through our size guidelines section.
Most people that shop for men’s suit online have these three major fears, namely:

1. What if the Suit is an inferior product contrary to what was advertised.
2. What if it’s not my size or didn’t fit properly.
3. What if I made payment online and it wasn’t delivered as promised. has put these major fears of the online men’s suit shoppers to rest by first taking the
customer through the material components of each Suit, and a free return option if not of good quality
as promised. We have set up a size guidelines section and a consultation section to follow through in
getting a perfect size for each customer. What we also did was to open an offline center where
customers could walk in to talk to us directly in relation to their transaction with us. It’s not completely
online where customers would never have access to the sellers. People who buy men suit online in
Nigeria have come to appreciate what we do here at