Business Suits are those formal Suits with matching jacket and trouser worn for business/formal activities. They’re suits you wear for business meetings, interviews, and mostly worn by professionals.

The most acceptable Suit colors in most business sittings in Nigeria are Black Suit, Navy blue Suit, and Grey colored suits ( Normal Grey suit and charcoal Grey suit). Striped suits are acceptable, but pin stripes suits are widely acceptable as business suits in Nigeria. It could be pin striped or hidden striped suits in the colors mentioned above (Black, Navy blue, and Grey colors).

On button designs, the most acceptable business suit is the 2 buttons suit, then less conservative yet acceptable is the single button suits. The 3 buttons suits are becoming primitive and old school in design.

In lapels, the best lapel for business sitting is notched lapel. Size 7cm, 7.5cm to 8cm. Though pointed/peaked lapels within 7cm to 8cm size are acceptable in corporate world, they’re less conservative to the notched lapels. Shawl lapels suits are not business Suits, mostly used in Tuxedos and some Blazers.

Blazers are widely used as weekend suits in Nigeria.
Two vents at the back are more acceptable design in formal suits.
While 3piece Suits in the right colors and designs are business suits, a 2piece suit is more formal than the 3piece design. Use only 2piece Suits for interviews. 2piece suits are less dramatic, more formal, and very business like.