A man went to the market to buy a donkey to add to his stable. When he saw one he wanted to buy, he said to the owner: let me take him home to test him out.

If I like the way he works, I will come back and pay you for him.

The owner agreed to the arrangement, so the man took the donkey home and put him in the stable. The animal looked around at the other donkeys and then lay down next to the laziest one. Just as I suspected, the man said. He grabbed a halter and took the donkey back to the owner.

What is wrong? The surprised owner asked. You couldn’t possibly have tested the animal so quickly. One small test was enough for me, said the man. I could tell what kind of worker he was just by the companion he chose for himself. Perspective

Though as unfair as it may sound – you are judged by the company you keep. As the saying goes, if you hang around five intelligent people, you are the sixth. If you hang around five millionaires, you will be the sixth. But another bitter truth is that, if you hang around five idiots, soon you will be the sixth idiot. Believe it or not, friends have a very powerful influence on our lives. Those that have loving friends sooner become loving themselves, those that have toxic friends are toxic themselves.

Research has proven that when you stay close to someone for over a long time, it is either you adjust to their mental pace or they adjust to yours. For instance when you have a discussion with an intellectual dull person, what happens most of the times is that to carry them along you have to lower your intellectual pace to be able to communicate with the person effectively. At the same disposition, when you brainstorm with a smart mind, especially smarter than you, who wouldn’t lower his standard for you, your only option to be carried along is to try to catch with his pace. In the phrase ‘’try to catch up’’ is where people are stretched to a better version of themselves. As the holy book opined: he that walks with a wise man shall become wise but companion of fools shall be destroyed. As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. That is why as a company partners only with the best designers, manufacturers, and brands in the various fields.

One of the common key to the success of over 90% of successful people around us, is the influence of that special companion in their life. It may come as wife, a friend, a boss, a mentor, a good teacher, a business associate. The list is numerous. Be strong enough to move away from those people that push you backward, connect with the positively influential companion today and change your world.

The best tips for connecting with the right companion is to position yourself to the right environment. If you want to whale, move to the middle of the ocean. If you aspire to be the best employee at your work place, associate with the present best. Aspiring to be a great entrepreneur, associate with successful entrepreneur, read the books they read. If you want to be a millionaire, hang around millionaires, you would be surprise at what you will learn. One sound idea from him might worth a million dollar to you. Another vital companions are books, read books written by great men and women. Books are ideas, thoughts, experiences, and wisdom of 30 – 40 years condensed into a print. Reposition yourself to a companion today, don’t waste away your life. Don’t sit next to the laziest like the donkey, because you shall inevitably be judged by the companion you keep.

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