As it’s of today without blaming technology, image and video contents have been abused, sugar-coated, and lots of time been used to deceive rather than deliver the true image of our crafts and enterprise. But, like the wise old adage rightly put, you can’t run with a lie for a long time.

You have heard times without number that content is king?
Again, I believe that content as the king has been dethroned, abused with filters and editing applications. People featuring images of what they can’t make, what they don’t have as theirs is deceit and foolery. Content creators should see content for what it actually is, a route leading to your funnel especially if you’re in a product-based business.

The issues we have been seeing though didn’t start now, but more in recent times is rather to be referred to as crazy than funny situations. Imaging having someones important day like his wedding or an interview ruined by a bad online designer whose only good works are perfectly edited or copied images he can’t replicate in real life. These bad Suits at the eleventh-hour situation are too plenty these days we can’t even put the stories here in black and white. Then you throw the right question at the scene like; but why wait until now? Your question was answered with a good response. My flight was delayed this long, my organization didn’t release me on time, I just got into the country 3 days ago it’s too late to give him another chance, it’s an emergency etc.

For us here at, though an online store, we knew it’s expensive to explain in situations like this, but much more expensive to run multiple offline stores. Yet, what’s more, worthwhile than where our esteemed customers could have a feel of what they’re paying for. Sincerely we can’t explain, we know it’s not necessarily wrong to see it before you believe it.

If negative feedback and genuine complaints from customers don’t hurt you as a business leader, then you shouldn’t be in business in the first place. I don’t care how high the throne your king is sitting on, it will come down sooner than later. Don’t be part of those giving a bad image to the online community and making online buyers victims of “what I ordered versus what I got”. It’s good to have great pictures out there, but please edit to the point you can deliver. Tell your customers what you can do and what you can not, the tools, materials available to you, your limitations, and what’s obtainable from you.

I don’t know anything more fulfilling to a company/brand, maybe more alerts, I don’t know, than receiving loads of commendations, positive feedback from customers for jobs well done.

Until we begin to see the context of our content as the true king and work with the spirit of excellence in our little worlds, it’s only then we would be ready for the future. Don’t be part of those that have more attention on content than the real product. More of packaging, more of the content, less of the real thing. Thou shall not be part of them.

Shouldn’t the context of what you do and the actual value that you deliver be the real king?
Empathy, value delivery, and keeping your promises to customers are the true king, while working on the content, don’t forget to put more attention on the real king — the value you deliver.